Food Booths

Frolics Map at Becker Park 2016

West Metro Fire Relief Association Price
Budweiser  1 ticket
Michelob Golden Light  1 ticket
Strawberry Rita,  Mango Rita, Watermelon-Rita 2 tickets 
Goose Island IPA 2 tickets or $6
Stella Artois 2 tickets or $6
Copa Di Vino Wine 2 tickets or $6
Lime Flavored Seltzer Spritzer 2 tickets
Drink Tickets
1 for $3
8 for $20
VFW Post 494 Price
Pork Chop on a Stick  $4.00
Hamburgers/Basket  $3.00/$4.75
Cheeseburger/Basket  $3.75/$5.50
Basket of  Fries  $2.00
Pop & Water  $1.25
Boy Scouts #590 Price
Hot Dogs $2.50
Brats $3.50
Chips $1.00
Pop & Water $1.25
Candy $1.00
Brat Meal (brat, chips or candy, water or soda) $5.25
Hot dog meal (hot dog, chips or candy, water or soda) $4.25
West Metro Fire Relief Association Auxiliary Price
Pizza Slice $5.00
Candy $1.00
16.9 oz. Pop & 24 oz. Water (bottled) $2.00
 Beef Sticks $2.00
Cooper Football Price
Pulled Pork Sandwiches  $5.00
Chips  $1.00
Pop & Water  $1.25
Gatorade $2.00
Combo (Sandwich, Chips, Drink)  $7.00
Nonna Rosa’s Ristorante Price
Gelato $3.00 small
$4.00 regular
Cannoli $2.00
Bruschetta $3.00
Jumbo Meatball $3.00 – 2 for $5.00
Regular bottled water $1.00
San Pellegrino sparkling flavored water $2.00
Crystal Lions – Welcome Park Price
Chips $1.00
Hot dogs $2.00
Pop & Water $2.00
 Beer $3.00
JS Kettle Corn Price
Original Kettle Corn $5.00
Caramel Kettle Corn $5.00
Caramel Apple Kettle Corn $5.00
Rainbow Kettle Corn $5.00
Mountain Mudd Coffee Mobile Trailer Price
Brewed Coffee $3.00
Milkyway mocha Mudd $6.00
Carmel Macchiato $6.00
Mocha Mudd $6.00
(French Vanilla/Chai)
Hot Chocolate $5.00
Blended Coffee Muddslide $6.00
Blended Drinks (16 oz.Smoothie) $6.00


Proceeds from the beer and food tents support the service organizations and in turn support the Crystal Frolics. Without the support of these organizations, the Frolics would not be able to happen each year, since we operate through donations. This financial support funds the softball tournament, fireworks, music, family festival and other activities. We ask that you help support the Crystal Frolics by purchasing food and beverages from the many Civic Organizations located at Becker and Welcome Park. In addition, beer and wine coolers should not be brought into the parks, but purchased from the West Metro Relief Association Tent (Becker) and the Crystal Lions (Welcome). Alcoholic beverages must be purchased on site. Event Security will check your coolers, as it is unlawful to bring alcoholic beverages into Crystal parks.